Sisal Rugs


Sisal Rugs

Sisal rugs make an interesting and comparatively inexpensive flooring. Sisal is a durable fiber harvested from the  Agave (cactus) plant which typically thrives in sub-tropical regions throughout the world such as Africa and Brazil. After the fiber is harvested, it goes through a process in which it is spun into a smooth textured yarn which can then be woven into carpet on various power looms.

Sisal rugs, since made from such a versatile and stable fiber, are extremely durable and possess other characteristics such as excellent sound absorption, inherent anti-static properties,  and are naturally flame retardant. Plant fibers are extremely absorbent, so it highly recommended that they only be used indoors in dry areas only. They make excellent design statements, and have gained in popularity with designers and decorators alike.

Sisal rugs are very easy to maintain and can be preserved by following a few basic care and cleaning principles. Vacuum regularly (at least once a week). If possible, take the piece outside and shake it vigorously to dislodge any dirt that has settled within the fibers. Sweep the floor underneath to remove loose sand and dirt that if left, could act as sandpaper and prematurely wear-out the under portion.  Remove spills immediately by blotting the spot only with a clean, dry, and preferably white cloth. You can use a mild detergent solution if needed by squeezing a small amount onto the stain, let sit momentarily (approximately 2 minutes) and then blot with a clean, moist cloth. After this, squeeze a small amount of clean water (to rinse out any detergent) and repeat the blotting procedure with a clean moist cloth until mostly dry. If in doubt, always follow the care instructions that came when you purchased the piece.

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