Serape Rugs


Serape Rugs

Serape rugs are woven Mexican and South-Western American tribal shoulder blankets. Serape rugs are coarsely woven flatweaves with fringed ends. Older rugs with Navajo Indian designs are expensive and highly collectible. Their designs consisted of mainly zigzag patterns and stripes coordinated with at times diamond inserts, with colors in the more earth tone ranges of yellow, beige, red, blue and occasionally black.

Serapes are any woven blankets that are longer than they are wide, and are uniquely woven on the loom vertically. To determine whether yours was woven on the loom, check the direction of the warp chords (sometimes referred to as the interior skeleton of the blanket) and see if there are tiny ridges running continuously on the exterior edge of the piece down the entire length. Many collectors display these southwestern works of art on their walls or draped over something similar in appearance to how they would have looked on a person.

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