Savonnerie Rugs


Savonnerie Rugs

Savonnerie rugs are truly the aristocrats of the Western world and were first made during the early 1600's. Savonneries are characterized by having a textured pile and were hand-knotted in a similar fashion as the Orientals were, with a Turkish knot technique. Savonnerie rugs are usually larger in size and fit very well in the more formal, ornate and stately areas of the home. It's name signifies the specific manner of weave used and this particular style type can be found today in many other parts of the globe.

Savonnerie rugs were supposedly named after a Children's hospice in Southern France sometime during the 17th century. The students of Pierre Dupont were said to have taken over the hospice and established a factory that flourished through Napoleon's revolution. The unique look of these highly decorative floral pieces with a stone washed appearance made them collectors items. The motifs were most often carved to give a more dimensional quality to them. This center medallion was surrounded by a peripheral border which did quite a nice job of showcasing it.

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