Round Rugs


Round Rugs

Round rugs being featured here are hand knotted in regions such as India. Round area rugs were also woven in Egypt and featured complex geometric designs with large medallions. One of the oldest known artifacts is a sixteenth-century Mamluk. They were also woven in French Aubusson and Savonnerie styles in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Round rugs were originally discovered for the first time in Tientsin and Beijing in the early nineteenth century. Chinese Oriental pieces both new and old, are still available and are plentiful in the marketplace. The design layout is primarily a medallion on a field of natural dyes that can be rich and vibrant or more pastel and muted. The all-over design is gaining in popularity.

Round area rugs should be considered when a dramatic statement is needed for perhaps an entrance foyer or family room area. Many pieces have a round or diamond shaped motif (see above picture) in the middle called a central medallion. Make sure that the furniture is placed symmetrically on these, consider an all-over design. The length and width are obviously equal in these, and they are the same as the diameter, so when looking for one, look for sizes such as 4x4, 8x8, 10x10, etc.

For the more tradional minded, an old fashioned hooked type should be considered. They're traditional in nature and therefore are used in warm and cozy "country" settings. They are still hand-made, very durable and suitable for those high traffic areas in a home or office. Other less expensive machine made reproductions can also be used and are readily sold at most discount department and carpet stores.

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