Rag Rugs


Rag Rugs

Rag rugs have a long tradition and proud history in Northern Britain. Rag rugs are made using a process where hooks or prodders are used to pull or push strips and loops of fabric through a cloth backing, generally hessian. This is done entirely by hand, and can take many hours and even days to accomplish. It generally takes over a hundred hours for a 40" x 26" rug, as well as requiring a substantial amount of material.

Typically they are made out of reclaimed fabrics such as strips of worn-out clothing. The backing can be as humble as a well-cleaned flour sack or burlap feed bag with absolutely nothing going to waste. This technique is said to have been introduced into Britain by the Vikings.

Rag rugs are made from strips of cloth hand-woven into a humble backing as mentioned earlier. In Colonial times they were woven with literal rags, hence the name. However, today we have the choice of using either new fabic or recycled cloth. The pieces are completely reversible and washable. They are very durable and can virtually last forever. In fact, they usually become heirlooms and are passed down in families from generation to generation.

Rag rugs made from cotton are charming and frequently grace the floors of vacation houses, ranches, beach houses, country cottages and children's rooms the world over. This delightfully flooring has a rich history indeed. From it's humble beginnings until now, very little has really changed. They continue to be handmade just like the originals, by artisans and craftsman who are able to freely exhibit their individual artistic expressions at craft shows throughout the land.

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