Needlepoint Rugs


A needlepoint rug is a flat-weave rug produced by sewing the design into a large piece of fabric. Various stitches can be used to produce different patterns and appearances. When the artisan changes thread color, the excess is left hanging long on the back side.

If you are looking for a gorgeous needlepoint carpet you may want to see Wiltons. The Wilton power look weaves the wool and creates the most beautiful patterns. If you like a trellis design or an intricate floral there are many needlepoint to choose from. Many patterns also have coordinating borders which can be installed around the perimeter of your room or used to make a beautiful finished rug area.

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Needlepoint rugs,  rare carpets and prestigious tapestries... FloorBiz is your starting point to all the important needlepoint rug sites on the internet. If you have needlepoint furniture and you are looking for the perfect needlepoint rug, check out our needlepoint rug guide.

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