Machine Made Rugs


Machine Made rugs

Machine made rugs comprise a rather unstructured group, in sizes ranging from something as small as 3x5 to 12x15 and larger. Area as well as accent pieces can be used effectively to divide spaces within a room, accessorize  a furniture grouping, direct traffic, or provide a focal point (visual awareness) for some portion of the room through their texture, pattern or shape. These may be used on the floor, on the wall or on top of a piece of furniture. Several at one time might be used within a space, but be careful not to create a too cluttered appearance.

Machine made rugs are in plentiful supply and can be purchased in most discount stores throughout the area. Prices will vary according to manufacturer and quality. Of course the better quality pieces will be carried by your local flooring showrooms. There is no limit to the designs and color you have to choose from. Choices will range from the ultra-contemporary and modern with bright bold colorations and designs to the more casual and traditional styles with softer designs and more muted earthtones as well as anything in between.

Machine made rugs manufactured using an assortment of yarn types from wool to solution dyed olefin. Nylon is perhaps the most popular fiber due in large part to it's durable characteristics and cleanability, although solution dyed olefin yarn is virtually stain proof. Wool pieces will naturally be more expensive, but will also look more authentic. Specific cleaning instructions will come with each one, explaining what can and can't be used to keep it looking new.

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