Hooked Rugs


Hooked Rugs

Hooked rugs are simply floor coverings constructed on durable, loosely woven backed fabric that is relatively easy to hook through. Hooked rugs date back some 250 years, and really became popular when imported goods in burlap sacks started showing up. Hooked rugs were originally made on backings such as burlap, which was itself a woven fabric made from jute. Hooked rug making needed to be done on a foundation that was extremely durable, making it a natural choice for hooking.

Burlap also made it possible for the economically deprived to cover their floors with creative and original pieces that were inexpensive to make due in large part to the use of re-cycled old clothing being cut into strips and used for hooking material. Burlap was very strong when new, but most burlap had already been used as sacking for coffee, rice or some other basic commodity. Already well worn, it's life expectancy as a foundation was now limited. This problem was somewhat solved though by simply re-using the the unraveling yarn from the burlap as hooking material to make other pieces.

Hooked rugs could thereby be made from the most primitive supplies and methods available. Hooked rug making equipment didn't have to be elaborate to serve it's purpose. Hooked rugs could be made by using something as simple as four pieces of wooden planks nailed together with a bent nail used as a hook in a cleverly fashioned handle. This would suffice quite nicely for the average maker of little means. The truly important aspect of these basic and ordinary concepts was that the artistic expressions of those making them could be easily transformed into timeless creations that would invariably serve as a physical representation of the individual craftsman.

Hooked rugs will forever hold a unique place in our culture and heritage. Hooked rug making today differs little from it's early and humble beginnings. Although wool has for the most part replaced the worn-out leftover fabric originally used, the basic techniques are still being applied. They can be proudly displayed in any room of the home and will contribute very nicely to the warmth and appeal we strive so hard to create. As creative artistic expressions, they continue to fill a special need in floor covering.

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