Flokatis Rugs


Flokatis Rugs

Flokatis rugs are unique shag-like fluffy rugs made in Greece with a pile height of from 3 to 5 inches. Flokatis are still being made using the original, age-old and time-tested hand woven process. For centuries, these rugs have been treasured by Greek families who cherished them so much that they were frequently made part of a brides dowry. They would not only be proudly displayed on the floor, but also be used as wall hangings and even as a bed cover.

Flokati rugs are made with pure wool, and have been woven in Greece for literally centuries. The process is truly amazing and as mentioned earlier, unique. To begin with, only natural sheep's wool is used. This wool is then spun into yarn and then woven to create long individual loops. The pile is then cut by hand to create the distinctive 'Flokatis' look. It doesn't end here though. The rug is then taken to one of many mountain waterfalls in the area where it is washed for hours in specially designed vats. The natural flow of water from the waterfall 'fluffs' the pile ends into a truly lustrous and luxuriously soft texture and finish. This original technique has never changed and has never been duplicated. Even after all of these years, Flokatis are still in a class of their own. It can honestly be said that no other rugs made today compare to the look and feel these true treasures.

Flokatis rugs are versatile decorating accessories. They can bring subtle warmth to a casual setting, or spice and flavor to a contemporary setting as well. Their rich sheen and softness will last for years and with proper care and handling, could last for centuries. These rugs are as legendary for their strength as they are for their beauty. Wool is a very forgiving and resilient fiber and is naturally static and also flame resistant. This traditional Greek work of art can grace the floors in your home just as it has for centuries for others throughout the world.

Flokatis are amazingly easy to care for. Simply occasionally shake off or vacuum the rug as a means of normal maintenance. To re-fluff your rug, lightly sprinkle it with water before shaking it. If a more thorough cleaning is needed, place it in a suitable place such as a bathtub and wash it with a mild solution (such as Woolite) in luke-warm water. Rinse well in running water and allow to drip dry on a clothes line out of direct sunlight. Shake out once dry to fluff pile. Never wash in hot water or use bleach or detergents.

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