Dhurrie Rugs


Dhurrie Rugs

Dhurrie rugs, a flat woven cotton rug, have a rich history that begins in regions such as Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Tibet, to name a few. Dhurrie rugs are actually a distant cousin to the popular wool Kilim, with similar design patterns. The main difference between the two concerns coloration. Dhurrie rugs are uniquely pastel with light and soft colors predominantly used. The patterns and motifs are generally geometric but can also include objects such as animals, floral scenes and even people. Dhurries made since the 1970's are made of wool, although ones made of silk can also be found.

Dhurrie rugs popularity is due in large part to their being both relatively inexpensive and reversible. Dhurries come in a variety of sizes and their color combinations that can either be bold and striking or subtle and casual. You can choose one with a geometric and detailed border design and motif, or one with a more field predominant 'less busy' appearance. Dhurries have an identifiable 'stonewashed' look that sets them apart from others. These rugs are completely reversible as mentioned earlier, and the original cotton rugs can even be machined washed (gentle cycle). Bolder and brighter colored rugs will need to be handwashed in order to preserve their appearance. Be sure and hang dry the rug to prevent shrinking as well.

Dhurrie rugs look great particularly in more casual settings, although they can also be utilized in more formal applications. Dhurries made from cotton have a more 'original' look and tend to be the most sought after by collectors. They will naturally be more expensive than ones made today and depending on age, might even be classified as an antique. Used as either wall hangings or floor pieces, they will definitely add warmth and color to any room of the home. Keep in mind that being flat woven and fairly thin, they will generally need to be placed over a hard, flat surface such as ceramic tile or hardwood flooring. You may need to place a thin rug pad underneath it to prevent slippage. These can be purchased at most discount stores selling household goods. With proper care and handling there is no reason why you couldn't enjoy these subtle works of art for years to come.

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