Custom Rugs


Custom Rugs

Custom rugs are becoming increasingly popular. Typically, a high quality velvet pile carpeting is cut in various shapes and forms and pieced together to form an overall design. Custom rugs combine a variety of colors and patterns to coordinate with your room's theme. For instance, say you have wall covering that has a discretely random floral arrangement that you just love. You can actually have that design 'copied' and made into a beautifully carved carpet in literally any size you wish. It's a wonderful and creative way to pull colors and themes in a room together.

Custom rug colors are usually joined together by a beveling technique in which the carpet is 'shaved' where the colors meet, creating a very distinctive and formal look. Because of their intricate and time consuming characteristics, pricing is determined by not only the size of the custom area rug, but also the number of color changes and overall detail of the pattern desired. Many craftsman are satisfying their creative pallet by getting into this very original and unique field of artistic expression.
Custom rugs can be machine-made rug designs ready for sale at your neighborhood discount or carpet store, or can be specifically made at specialty workrooms by artisans who will literally transform your ideas and decorating needs into a beautifully finished one-of-a-kind work of art. Let your imagination be your guide and create your own original design or use a pattern or design from your favorite drapery or wall paper. They can be made with any type of carpet fiber from basic nylon to exotic wool. Polyester can be used but carving is more of a challenge with this fiber and ones made from it tend to look 'cheaper' and not as formal. It's also recommended that due a 'crushing' factor, polyester carpet not be used in higher traffic areas.

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