Contemporary Rugs


Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs today, are hand or machine made pile rugs in graphic, contemporary designs with bold colorations and custom shapes and sizes. Contemporary rugs made by hand are generally more expensive than machine made rugs, but are more favored due to the creative role the one commissioning the work has in the finished product. Contemporary rugs made by machine  are typically less expensive and more widely available in department stores and discount chains alike. With perhaps just a little more effort, one can find just the right machine made piece which will satisfy both his/her design and color needs.

Contemporary rugs can be both conservative as well as extremely modern in design. Today's choices come in a variety of colors from bold to pastel, textures from carved to multi-level, patterns from the outrageous to ultra-conservative. It's the individuals expression that counts, not what mainstream society dictates. You can utilize these as accent pieces or main features of a particular room or area. You are only limited by your own imagination where design and color are concerned. The professional you choose that will actually work with the piece will appreciate your input and be able to effectively interpret your desires and needs and incorporate these into the finished product.

Contemporary rugs can, and in fact, frequently use different types and styles of carpet such as berber and saxony, level loop and cut pile, etc. to give a dimensional quality to the actual piece. Carving is another effective way to deal with the differences in pile height and also sets off the individual colors being used. This truly custom look  will no doubt contribute quite nicely to your overall decor. Be sure and have the finished piece bound with a color binding that will not detract from but compliment the overall look.

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