Braided Area Rugs


Braided Area Rugs

Braided area rugs were often on the floors in homes and cabins of our early settlers who needed a floor covering that would give them the warmth and protection from their otherwise crude floors. Braided rugs were very limited at the time due in large part to the availability of raw materials.  Braided rugs were often made from discarded or surplus materials such as clothing or household textile fabrics which would then be cut into narrow strips and hand braided into floor works of art.

Braided rugs are typically made by plaiting and coiling material in such a way as to create a very durable floor covering. Braided rugs can usually be found in an oval shape but can be round as well. Braided rugs make cheerful additions to any room of the home and are still handcrafted the old-fashioned way by using scraps of fabric or wool. Braided rugs considered antiques - especially early North American braided rugs - can be expensive, but make great investments.  Obviously, newer ones will be much more reasonable in price and selection.

Braided rugs of significant quality will be constructed of wool fabric, heavy wool rug yarn or other material selected by the designer. Several individual lengths of braided material or a continuous braided length may be stitched or laced together into whatever shape is desired. Combining traditional shapes or creating from scratch a free-form shape produces a more contemporary braided design. Lengths of material can range from three to seven or more strands. The flatter the braid, the more quickly the rug wears out. Braids of the same weight and width wear the most evenly.

Braided rugs can be made on many types of equipment today, but only a few are used in home applications. Each type creates a special unique texture that can result in an original and fresh design. Although these have been in existence for centuries, new and innovative applications continue to be introduced. Designers and decorators alike are continuing to discover the wide range of versatility and use of these, which consistently combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest innovation trends in home fashion.

Virtually any yarns and fabrics can be used to make these as well as other textured products. Since color and design are the most important factors in selecting home accent products and accessories, these are also the most important factors in the selection of yarn and/or fabric content. Other reasons for choosing a specific yarn or fabric type include moisture resistance, stain resistance, durability, and of course, price.

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