Axminster Rugs


Axminster Rugs

Axminster rugs are beautifully patterned wool rugs that are woven in the most beautiful array of colors. Axminster rugs were invented in England in the late 18th to early 19th century. Axminster rugs were actually early attempts to reproduce the look of the intricately hand-woven rugs which were very popular at the time. Axminster rugs enjoyed success from the very beginning, for not only was this technique a great success, they also were able to capture the beauty of their original hand-woven counterparts. Axminster rugs are a truly unique blend of intricate designs and European flavor. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are constructed in such a way to withstand extremely heavy commercial traffic which makes them attractive for those in the high-end hotel business. Now just think, if they will maintain their beauty in these harshest of environments, they will do just fine in your family room or on that spiral staircase.

Axminster rugs are produced on special looms that are able to effectively reproduce the looks of even the intricate Chinese Oriental designs. Their success is due in large part to a technique that combines face pile yarns, warp yarns and weft yarns in such a way that the finished product is one that truly has no rivals. The special looms introduce the face yarn by way of spools that are threaded into tube frames. The intricate look is achieved by the loom sequencing as much as 50 or more colors of yarn during the weaving process. The results of this ingenious technique speak for themselves.

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